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YESHIVA OHR SIMCHA is truly a unique Makom Torah.


The Yeshiva was established in 1997 by HaRav Yosef Strassfeld, זצ"ל with the goal of providing top notch chinuch, at the Mesivta and Bais Medrash levels, while still focusing on all areas of a Bochur’s growth and self development.  The Yeshiva balances a strong Limudei Kodesh department of serious learning and Hashkafos, together with an understanding of bochurim, thereby creating an environment in which they can progress and shteig without feeling stifled.  The Rebbeim develop a strong kesher with the talmidim, helping every bochur grow into a true Ben Torah.  In addition, the Yeshiva offers many incentive programs to further motivate the bochurim.  With this unique combination of motivation and warmth, the Yeshiva has evolved into a pre-eminent Makom Torah.

We are very proud of the Yeshiva we have built BS"D.  The Ruach Hayeshiva is one of the keys to the Yeshiva’s hatzlacha.  The Ruach is one where each Bochur feels both comfortable and appreciated.  It’s an atmosphere where an older Bochur will help and learn with a younger Bochur, and where Rebbeim are approachable and warm. It’s an environment where Rebbeim will spend time learning with Bochurim one on one, or take a walk with them in a heart to heart.  The Rebbeim are happy and positive people who foster that happiness and “sipuk”.   We believe that a happy Bochur is the first step towards creating a successful Bochur.  With such an atmosphere, the Bochurim respond in kind, and are learning and shteiging at unprecedented levels.  There is a sense of “belonging” in the Yeshiva, which is felt even more strongly during various Mesibos and Yomim Tovim in Yeshiva.


Additionally, Yeshiva Ohr Simcha is absolutely committed to providing a safe yeshiva and dormitory environment, which is conducive to learning and growth in ruchnius.  To that end the Yeshiva has a thorough enrollment process to ensure that the incoming bochurim add to this ruach.  In addition, the Yeshiva is extremely vigilant to ensure that no negative exposures be allowed in.  At the same time, everyone on staff takes an active interest in each bochur to be able to guide them b’derechhaTorah, and give them any support they may need.  This gives parents the confidence that their sons are safe and secure in their “home away from home.”  We are excited about the direction of the Yeshiva and look forward to its continued growth, BS"D.


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